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Great Neck, NY 11023

Great Neck, NY 11023

Mon-Sat  10am-6pm


Bicolor gemstones feature natural infusions of not one, but two colors in one stone. These one-of-a-kind, miraculous gems carry various color combinations of bicolor tourmaline, citrine, and ametrine. Fashionable and fun, bicolor jewelry is nature’s work of art.

Radiant Ametrine Paperclip Link Necklace


Pear Shape Bicolored Tourmaline Ring


Cushion Cut Ametrine Ring


Bi-Color Citrine Ring


Cabochon Bicolored Tourmaline Pendant


Rectangular Shape Bicolored Tourmaline Cocktail Ring


Oval Bicolored Tourmaline Cocktail Ring


Elongated Emerald Cut Bicolored Tourmaline Pendant


Art Nouveau Ametrine Pendant


Emerald Cut Bi-Colored Citrine Pendant


Pear Cabochon Bicolored Tourmaline Pendant


Pear Shape Ametrine Pendant


Emerald Cut Bi-Color Citrine and Sapphire Ring


Emerald Cut Ametrine Cocktail Ring


Emerald Cut Ametrine Cocktail Ring


Princess Cut Ametrine Cocktail Ring

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