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Mon-Sat  10am-6pm


Great Neck, NY 11023

Great Neck, NY 11023

Mon-Sat  10am-6pm

Necklaces and Pendants

Oval Ruby Diamond Halo Flower Pendant


Emerald Cut Bicolored Pink and Green Tourmaline Pendant


Cushion Cut Amethyst Pendant


Emerald Cut Fancy Diamond Set Bicolored Tourmaline Pendant


Pear Shaped Opal Diamond Spiral Pendant


Round Ruby Halo Necklace


Pear Shaped Ametrine Diamond and Amethyst Necklace


Princess Shape Cognac Diamond Rose Gold Pendant


Round Green Diamond Pendant


Emerald Cut Bicolored Tourmaline Pendant Butterfly Diamond Necklace


Emerald Cut Bicolored Tourmaline Pendant


Cushion Alexandrite Baguette Diamond Pendant


Emerald Cut Ametrine Butterfly Diamond Necklace


Star Ametrine and Diamond Pendant


Emerald Cut Bicolored Tourmaline Diamond Pendant


Emerald Cut Pink Bicolored Tourmaline Paperclip Chain Necklace


Pear Opal Diamond Gold Necklace


Two Tone Round Diamond Paperclip Lariat Necklace


Round Diamond White Gold Necklace


Pear Shaped Ametrine Rounded Paperclip Link Necklace


Emerald Cut Green and Fuchsia Bicolored Tourmaline Paperclip Chain Pendant


Mix Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant Necklace


Pear Shaped Ametrine Paperclip Link Necklace


Round Rainbow Diamond Paperclip Chain Pendant


Round Multicolor Diamond Dangle Drop Pendant


Round Green Diamond Paperclip Chain Necklace


Pear Shaped Tanzanite Diamond Halo Pendant


Pear Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant


Trillion Opal Paperclip Chain Pendant


Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Paperclip Chain Pendant


Oval Blue Topaz Paperclip Chain Pendant


Pear Aquamarine Paperclip Link Pendant


Pear Moon Stone Paperclip Chain Necklace


Free Form Unique Opal Paperclip Chain Necklace


Flower Detailed Blue Diamond Drop Pendant Necklace


Emerald Cut Bicolored Pink Tourmaline Pendant


Emerald Cut Bi-Color Citrine Drop Pendant


Trillion Ruby Diamond Pendant Necklace


Trillion Emerald Diamond Pendant Necklace


Trillion Tanzanite Diamond Pendant Necklace


Oval Ruby Pendant Diamond Necklace