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Mon-Sat  10am-6pm


Great Neck, NY 11023

Great Neck, NY 11023

Mon-Sat  10am-6pm

House of Tanzanite

Founded in 1985, House of Tanzanite is the crown jewel of Alberto’s vast collections of jewelry. Featuring a bold violet and brilliant blue gemstone, this collection spotlights the elegance of our life-giving oceans. Alberto offers a selection of tanzanite designs of uncompromising quality in all shapes and sizes. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., all designs are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition.

Pear Shaped Tanzanite Diamond Halo Pendant


Pear Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant


Emerald Cut Tanzanite Pear Pronged Ring


Cushion Cut Tanzanite Diamond Halo Ring


Round Tanzanite Half Moon Diamond Ring


Oval Tanzanite Curve Drop Diamond Earrings


Pear Shaped Tanzanite Diamond Ring


Oval Tanzanite Baguette Diamond Ring


Emerald Cut Tanzanite Spiral Diamond Ring


Round Tanzanite Halo Stud Earrings


Pear Tanzanite Art Deco Pendant


Oval Tanzanite Halo Drop Earrings


Oval Tanzanite Ring


Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring


Princess Cut Tanzanite Ring


Oval Tanzanite Flower Drop Earrings


Oval Tanzanite Art Deco Pendant


Cushion Cut Tanzanite Pendant


Oval Tanzanite Halo Pendant


Oval Shaped Tanzanite Pendant


Trillion Tanzanite Ring


Round Tanzanite Halo Ring


Cushion Cut Tanzanite Toi Et Moi Ring


Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring


Cushion Cut Tanzanite Cocktail Ring


Cushion Cut Tanzanite Bypass Ring


Cushion Cut Tanzanite and Cluster Diamond Ring


Oval Shaped Tanzanite Halo Pendant


Round Tanzanite Halo Pendant


Oval Tanzanite Cocktail Ring