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Mon-Sat  10am-6pm


Great Neck, NY 11023

Great Neck, NY 11023

Mon-Sat  10am-6pm

Contemporary Blues

Oval Tanzanite Flower Pendant In Rose Gold


Oval Tanzanite Flower Pendant In White Gold


Oval Tanzanite Flower Pendant In Yellow Gold


Oval Ammolite Diamond Halo Gents Ring


Oval Star Sapphire Diamond Halo Gents Ring


Emerald Cut Tanzanite Rose Cut Diamond Pronged Ring


Cushion Tanzanite Halo Drop Earrings


Pear Padparadscha Sapphire Ring


Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Gents Ring


Yellow Gold Diamond Link Gents Ring


Diamond Link Thick Gents Ring


Round Blue Diamond Ring


Cushion Sapphire Marquise Diamond Ring


Marquise Sapphire Diamond Ring


Pear Shaped Tanzanite Diamond Halo Pendant


Pear Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant


Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Paperclip Chain Pendant


Oval Blue Topaz Paperclip Chain Pendant


Oval Blue Diamond Ring


Emerald Cut Tanzanite Pear Pronged Ring


Cushion Blue Diamond Yellow Gold Ring


Oval Star Grey Sapphire Ring


Cushion Cut Mystic Topaz Diamond Ring


Round Diamond Gold Gents Ring


Round Red and White Diamond Gents Ring


Oval Tanzanite Curve Drop Diamond Earrings


Star Green Diamond Bracelet


Star Blue Diamond Bracelet


Round Blue Diamond Yellow Gold Bracelet


Cushion Blue Diamond Ring


Round Tanzanite Halo Stud Earrings


Oval Emerald Halo Ring


Oval Tanzanite Halo Drop Earrings


Oval Emerald Ring